Turning Half Inch Water Pipe into a Bobbin Organizer

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Turning Half Inch Water Pipe into a Bobbin Organizer

Post by letumgo » Sun Jan 17, 2021 8:59 am

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time on another crazy craft project. My wife bought me a desk organizer box for Christmas, and I wanted to find a way to organize my thread bobbins/tools at one end of the box.

I had some 1/2" plastic water pipe (PEX pipe), and decided to cut it up and fill one of the compartments. The inner diameter of the pipe (7/16") is a perfect size to accommodate all of my bobbin tubes/handles. It is also large enough for most tools (scissors, bodkins, tweezers, etc.). The pipe is also very cheap. Five feet of this stuff was only $2.79 from my local Ace Hardware store.

Here is the compartment, after filling with section of plastic pipe. I used a couple pieces of packing foam along the right edge, to hold the pieces snugly in place.


The plastic pipe is easily to cut. This tool cuts square the plastic, leaving a nice smooth edge (no burrs to catch on things).

Here is the organizer, loaded up with bobbins, various waxes/glues, and dubbing boxes.

Overall I am happy with the finished organizer.
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Re: Turning Half Inch Water Pipe into a Bobbin Organizer

Post by DOUGSDEN » Sun Jan 17, 2021 12:33 pm

This is just about Jim Dandy! I like it! This is a very good design you have here! Pex pipe and cutters and other plumbing ornaments is my world! I will never look at pex pipe the same again after seeing this! Awesome stuff!
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Re: Turning Half Inch Water Pipe into a Bobbin Organizer

Post by Theroe » Wed Jan 20, 2021 3:23 pm

Of course you had to buy the PEX cutter......... which incidentally is very handy for cutting through thick feather stems

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