Fishing Soft Hackles in Winer

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Re: Fishing Soft Hackles in Winer

Postby FliTrap » Thu Oct 06, 2016 10:17 pm

No matter what pattern you choose, there is a means by which I have started setting up flies for winter! My hands can get cold, depending on wind, temp, and how often I get wet! Fingers get stiff and tying on those size 20's and way smaller's, becomes a challenge! (this holds true if you fishing into the evening and "low light".
I tie the flies, and then while still in the comfort of my desk, I attack each fly to 18" of the proper tippet, adding your favorite loop knot on the other end of the tippet! This allows you to relax, tie nice knots, even use the magnifier to get it done.
each hook is the stuck into a 1/4 square peace of foam cup, wrapped leader style around my fingers and then each into a 3x5 plastic zip-closed bag! (The bags are extremely cheap an Hobby-Lobby). at the end of my leader I tie a #18 barrel swivel (takes the place of messing with bead-shot!), or one of those metal type leader rings, in the larger size, or another loop, connecting the fly plus tippet, loop -to-loop.
Takes but a minute to change out flies, allows you to keep track of those tiny flies and gives you the bag to placed the old tippet section and fly! I keep the new ones in left pocket and depose of old one into right pocket!
Having a few of each fly tied like this as a backup to what you typically do, can save a day!

P.S. Take the foam cup piece off after you cast a few times.... it catches a few fish too...LOL
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Re: Fishing Soft Hackles in Winer

Postby letumgo » Fri Oct 07, 2016 3:11 pm

FlyTrap - Excellent tips. I will give the a try this fall/winter/spring. Weather can get brutal cold around here, and I can see the value in pre rigged setups. Thank you for sharing your hard earned knowledge. ;)
Ray (letumgo)----<°))))))><

Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.
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Re: Fishing Soft Hackles in Winer

Postby FliTrap » Fri Oct 07, 2016 11:37 pm

The hard earned knowledge, as you called it, may be different then some think here! The idea at hand, I'm sure is a spin on someone else's ideas. The really hard earned knowledge, came about in getting over myself, my limitations or as I say now, the tests in and to Faith, that God only puts on your plate, what you can handle, if you truly put your faith to work!
It's come amaze me more every day, how hard I've worked in my past, to make myself uncomfortable! LOL

The earning of knowledge was that I could come to terms of what I can do, challenge what I can't do today, and work towards at least a reasonable compromise!
So, I did learn, if I accept someone else's ideas as a reasonable compromise, I can go back to that which I love (fishing in winter) and feel happy, instead of frustrated!
If it gives me a few more minutes of the time I have left, to gratify in the "being...", I'm wasting less of what God blessed me with!

While I never claimed to be a "religious person", there are times that all other "logic" muddies the waters more then a fat man wading through slow waters to keep his waders from getting wet!

You may just as well smile, God already knows you still have "lunch" stuck in your teeth.

Gentlemen....and Gentlewomen.... Count your blessings.... and fish...
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Re: Fishing Soft Hackles in Winer

Postby William Anderson » Mon Dec 05, 2016 9:43 pm

Flytrap, I hope I remember to heed your wise words before my next outing. No doubt if I don't I'll definitely be thinking about them, probably cursing and frustrated. :D
"A man should not try to eliminate his complexes, but rather come into accord with them. They are ultimately what directs his conduct in the world." Sigmund Freud.
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