Edmonds' & Lee's March Brown #8b

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Edmonds' & Lee's March Brown #8b

Postby joaniebo » Wed Apr 05, 2017 11:45 am

Probably my favorite North Country spider is the #8b from "Brook & River Trouting" by Edmonds & Lee using Snipe rump feathers for both the tail and hackle. (I used more than "Two strands from a feather from a Snipe's rump....")

No. 8b
March Brown
Hook 2 or 3
Wings - Hackled with a mottled brown feather from a Snipe's rump.
Body - Orange silk, No. 6a, dubbed with the fur from the nape of a rabbit's neck which has been lightly tinged red with Cranshaw's Red Spinner dye, and ribbed with gold wire or tinsel.
Tail - Two strands from a feather from a Snipe's rump, same feather as used for the wings.
Head - Orange silk.
April, and often May.
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Re: Edmonds' & Lee's March Brown #8b

Postby letumgo » Wed Apr 05, 2017 4:15 pm

Gorgeous flies! Makes me want to head straight to my vise.

Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Edmonds' & Lee's March Brown #8b

Postby William Anderson » Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:34 am

Bob, this set really gets me excited. I love the overall tone of these flies, beautiful compliments. I love seeing these historic patterns recreated. This set in particular look a lot like they might have come from Pete Hidy's wallet with the tapered body and head. beautifully done. The recipe has always struck me as rather vivid for the March Brown's in the North County of the UK. Patterns that match the insects are more muted, a gray on tannish gray. Nothing like the richer shades gold, amber and brown of the March Browns in the Eastern US. I'd fish these with confidence over lots of hatches. Just a beautiful looking bug.

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Re: Edmonds' & Lee's March Brown #8b

Postby joaniebo » Fri Apr 07, 2017 9:55 am


I love the colors used and the blending of the colors in E & L's March Brown. The European Snipe Rump Feathers have a distinctly different coloring and texture when compared to a Snipe's wing feathers / hackles and in some ways, appear to be close to a Golden Plover's feathers.

Speaking of Snipe, European Snipe that is, until a year or so ago, I always that that there was only one European Snipe until an author / fly tyer in the UK pointed out to me that there are BOTH a "Common Snipe" and a "Jack Snipe" and (historically, although not written about too often), the Jack Snipe's hackles were to be used in tying the Snipe & Purple dressing. That being said, I have both of the European Snipe wings and this old guy can't tell much of a difference.

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