Doctor Lyte Palmer (Tutorial / SBS)

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Re: Doctor Lyte Palmer

Post by William Anderson » Thu Oct 13, 2011 7:31 pm

Ray, this really is an amazing tie. I especially like to see that palmered hackle. I can see why Big Jim thought so much of the pattern, it has all the hallmarks of a killer. And this is beautifully executed. Just a nice combination. And I'm thrilled to have one in my collection now too.

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Re: Doctor Lyte Palmer

Post by DOUGSDEN » Wed Oct 19, 2011 9:39 pm

I love your photography and the really cool tying intructions! You tend to make a fellow clear off the tying table and start Dr. Lyte Palmers! You do an excellent job friend!
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Re: Doctor Lyte Palmer

Post by hankaye » Wed Oct 19, 2011 11:08 pm

w-h, Howdy;
willowhead wrote:One forces YOU to do the work.....thereby letting gravity work "for" you by keeping your time more steady...............the other allows you to fall victum to rushing because it's "to easy" you tell me which is which. ;)
"One forces YOU to do the work.....thereby letting gravity work "for" you by keeping your time more steady" .... I'm thinking this like the drummer's and their foot pedels. Heel down toe be tappin'

The other would be toe on ground an heel be jumpin' 'round on it's own...

I like the this guy does it; ... re=related

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Re: Doctor Lyte Palmer

Post by michaelgmcgraw » Thu Oct 20, 2011 6:39 am

Sea Sick Steve was on the BBC TopGear a couple weekends ago. Funny guy also
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Re: Doctor Lyte Palmer

Post by willowhead » Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:59 am

Ya done pretty good hank........(i haven't checked out the vidoe yet, but thass neither here nor there)..........actually most people only tap their toe OR heel. i was refering to a bass player, tapping while playing (for instance) with both. But it makes no difference.....the point is, your heel is heavier that your toe. So wether you tap both heel and toe, or just one or the other, it's your heel that is best. Best when it's all you tap, and best to be "first" if your tapping both. Because it's heavier, it takes me effort to pick it up, therefore your workin' with a much more concerted affort.....and THAT will help keep your time steady. If it's to easy.......there can be a tendancy to be distracted or get lazy or whatever else can cause you to screw up the time. So you did pretty well.
Here's one Art Blakey taught me.............when tuning a drum head..............get the bottom head as tight as you can with out doing damage to the shell. That will allow you to keep the top head as loose as you need it to be, so you will never be able to rely on it's tightness to bounce the stick, nd YOU have to do the work. It's the same principle as above.........the POINT is YOU doing the work and not replying (being lazy) on some other faction to do it for you.
All the years i was with Art, i tuned his drums every day...........he never had to do anything but walk out, sit down, and HIT! His instrument was always in perect tune, becuase he taught me how to do that. He had three wing toms and two floor toms, which i tuned in minor thirds high to low. i kept the bottom heads as tight as i could without damaging the shells, and the top heads just like he liked 'em. Oh! it's also extremely important that the note is exactly the same from lug to lug all the way around the top head of course.........that's the head you play. On the bottom head, that isn't nessessary. You don't play the bottom head. Just keep it tight. ;)
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