Jim Slattery Demonstrating Leisenring Dubbing Technique

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Re: Jim Slattery Demonstrating Leisenring Dubbing Technique

Post by letumgo » Thu Dec 04, 2014 7:56 pm

Jim - I am glad you saw the video. As I watched you do this demonstration, I thought back to one of the earlier threads where we were discussing the differences between dubbed bodies created with Leisenring's method, versus those created with Clark dubbng block, versus an open dubbing loop method, and versus the split thread method. After seeing all of these methods, I agree with you about the "hollow cylindrical" structure. I believe this adds to the translucency of the finished flies.

Glad to see you checking in. Is the camp closed down for the winter? What new projects are you going to tackle this winter? Hopefully you get some time off for good behavior. (humor)
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