"Improved" Head Cement Applicator

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"Improved" Head Cement Applicator

Post by letumgo » Fri Aug 19, 2016 1:01 pm

In an effort to make the application of head cement (SHHAN) more precise, I've made a modifications to applicator. If you look closely at the bottle, you will see an orange piece of plastic which replaces the normal brush part of the applicator. The end of the orange plastic is a short section of HMH tubing, normally used for making tube flies. I took an exacto razor and trimmed the end into a long tapered angle, much like the end of a feather quill pen.


To make the applicator, I unscrewed the cap and pulled the brush applicator out of the handle. It easily pops out, making it easier to modify. Basically, I used an ExactO blade to cut off the bottom end of the brush, then trim the end into a taper to fit inside the tube.


Set the modified applicator in the bottle, then screw the cap back on, which will reseat the applicator into the handle.


You now have a solid applicator with a very fine end, with a hollow inner section. The fine tip and solid construction should make it easier and hopefully more precise method of applying head cement.

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Re: "Improved" Head Cement Applicator

Post by DOUGSDEN » Sun Aug 21, 2016 9:38 pm

OMG Ray! This is soooo cool! And, so ingenious (spelling?)! I am left with the proverbial "why didn't I think of that" rolling around in my head! The big question is....have you tried it yet? It has to work! I always thought that a needle was about the best way to apply head cement but now I can see that this would be "more better"! You should have been a surgeon!
Impressed as always!
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