Hen cape - what color would call this?

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Re: Hen cape - what color would call this?

Post by bearbutt » Mon Jan 06, 2020 9:18 pm

Yeah--Phil has it--"Pale Furnace". I also checked Jennings in addition to Elder--same result. I like "Ginger Furnace" though--nice name for a porn star maybe?--but this is a family website, so we aren't going in that direction. But we will wait and see what Dana has to say about the topic. He works in midtown Manhattan after all.

It seems though that when it comes to naming hackle, it's the roosters that get all the attention, not the hens. I suspect there's some serious discrimination going on, and in the age of administrative diversity that hens deserve more room at the feed trough; and likewise, dry flies need to step back and give a little more space to flymphs and wets. But that's just me.

Nice capes, guys!

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