My Gossamer Collection....

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My Gossamer Collection....

Post by Johnno » Wed Jan 08, 2020 11:41 pm

Thanks to my recent good score I **think** I’ve got all Gossamer colours now covered.....
a few to get in wooden spools..
This is most of them....
13B03FB6-64C8-4E73-BD78-302AB361E4EF.jpeg (376.44 KiB) Viewed 268 times
now to work on the Naples, Marabou collections....

I doubt in NZ there is a collection as complete as this...
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Re: My Gossamer Collection....

Post by daringduffer » Thu Jan 09, 2020 6:21 am

That would help you through the next few years. Then it starts all over again...

:D ;)

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Re: My Gossamer Collection....

Post by letumgo » Thu Jan 09, 2020 12:14 pm

Did you have that box made special for these spools? What a perfect box.

I see you are down to your last spool of pale gray, one of the colors I've grown to love over the past year. It really works nicely for adams patterns.
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