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Mike Connor


Post by Mike Connor » Fri Mar 02, 2012 5:17 pm

Just some interesting stuff on reels. ... rview.html

I've made a few before, but I used to have my own machine shop. I mainly use carbon fibre reels now, so I would no longer do this, but it is fun and of course you get a very useful article.

You can reverse engineer most existing reels fairly easily, with modifications if desired, and there are some plans and info on the net; ... eel-plans/ ( Plans also at )

Have a look here for info as well; ... op&search=

As a model maker you should have no trouble at all.

I like these a lot;

[img width=800 height=528][/img]
[img width=800 height=528][/img]

Although I would have them in all matte black.

Also by the way, just a point I thought I ought to mention, you can save yourself a lot of work ( if you want to ) by buying spare reel spools to use. This is usually the most difficult thing for a home amateur to make. You can often get these very cheaply.

I use Vivarellis for most freshwater trout fishing now, and have done for a long time, the original carbon fibre trout semi-automatics ( although it is not "automatic" it is lever operated, and you can not reel a fish in using the lever, it will only retrieve slack line, but extremely fast, and of course you only need one hand to hold the rod and operate the reel simultaneously):

[img width=800 height=789][/img]

and I use Okuma Airframes in #7...#9 for saltwater and some heavier freshwater fishing, ( pike etc). But the #4...#6 is very good for general trout fishing etc. ... kuma/8220/

These are absolutely first class reels and I have no hesitation at all in recommending them. The spare spools are also cheap enough; ... kuma/8927/

All my reels are finished matte black, as are most of my rods. I don't like any "Bling" at all on my fishing gear.

PDF of above; ... andard.pdf

Simply modifying some reels makes them a very great deal better. The reels here have been modified with offset seats; ... hp?id=6844

This makes a whole setup much more balanced because the center of gravity of the reel is on the axis of operation. This makes the whole rig feel lighter and puts less strain on your wrist.

Some "el-cheapo" reels are really excellent subjects for modification. I used a few of these to make some "offset" reels for a couple of people; ... Kohlefaser

and they were delighted with the results. If you look around you can find some of these ridiculously cheap. Most of the carbon fibre reels, even the cheap ones, are very good, very light, and practically indestructible. I would not use an aluminium reel now if you paid me!

Here's one for 9 Euros; ... ::220.html ... /220_0.jpg

These are also excellent; ... 35_/38904/

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