Wet flies as fished by Bergman

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Re: Wet flies as fished by Bergman

Post by FliTrap » Wed Oct 05, 2016 5:34 pm

William Anderson wrote:I have heard John Shaner and others note the reason for the dozens of seemingly pointless patterns, just rearranged combinations of materials to the point of silliness, was simply for the sake of feeding a growing market and a demand for new flies. I would be interested to hear more about that. Based on the catalogues it would seem we haven't changed much.
You are spot on in considering this view! I recall reading of one of the Catskill Area, Royal tying families, who admitted to "making up", the material patterns for next year's "new, greatest fly", to be added to their catalog, near a year in advance, as it took time (like near a year!?) for the catalog to be assembled and printed, shipped to them and then mailed back out, to their customers! Within that page, I recall that many, while descending from a great line of flies, may have never hit the water as tested, prior to being "labeled "greatest fly, must have"!!
Doing so would allow them time to "stock pile" a few 100x12's, for fast mailing and a head start on the orders! If a fly flopped, they had minimum investment.

Sorry that the mind does not, at this point recall the book, itself! Please, can anyone add to this to confirm?

This my friends is the works of a slipping mind.... here I am, reading this thread some 8-9 months later and got to the same spot as last time, and almost matched my statement, line for line! Hope you like it as much this second time! Have mercy!!!
But on the other hand.... where are those pics, William? :roll: Had to find the humor in this someplace.... that, my friends is called "deflection", from my own bumble!
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