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Fishing wets over stocked trout - wingless 2:1

Posted: Sat Oct 10, 2020 6:16 pm
by bocast
Enjoying soft hackles and winged wets fished over stocked trout, I've noticed that wingless wets outfish the winged ones about 2:1. Still, I love catching trout on a Silver Invicta or Woodcock and Hare's ear. I'm experimenting with different positions in the cast to see if that makes s difference.

Re: Fishing wets over stocked trout - wingless 2:1

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 11:13 am
by ronr
I'm firmly in your camp... I'm not sure I'll ever understand why an animal so tuned to their environment would ever eat a metal hook, attached to a plastic string, with all sorts of unnatural stuff attached... But, all I know is I catch as many fish swinging a wet fly as I ever did fishing dry flies, and often as many as when I nymphed. There are times when I outcatch my very skilled fishing partner who hasn't yet taken the soft hackle cool aid...Viva la difference...

Re: Fishing wets over stocked trout - wingless 2:1

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 12:15 pm
by bocast
The bonus of course is that fishing wets is so much more fun than staring at an indicator.

Re: Fishing wets over stocked trout - wingless 2:1

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 5:51 pm
by Fishnkilts
I'm a dry fly fanatic, but I'm still new to this flymph thing. I have fished with wets and flymphs a little this year and just had a ball with it. Am I sold that wet flies are more productive than dries or nymphs? Honestly I'm still experimenting on that theory. Though I will say this past Sept. has been a blast fishing wingless wets.

Years ago fishing spiders in pools have brought hard hitting browns to my hand, so I have no complaints yet and hope I never will have any in the future. But I will say a wingless wet has caught me the largest trout so far on the South St. Vrain Creek.

I wonder if John Gierach has fished with these flies. I'll have to ask him the next time I run into him.

Your post has me thinking of an idea I had with dries two years ago, and that's taking a few patterns of the most popular flymph's and competeing them against each other to see what fly works the best in the waters I fish.
This is where I'm going to need all of your help, because being new to flymphs I'm still learning patterns and such. So your thoughts on a fly to start with will be greatly appreciated.

I found that during the summer months, when it comes to dry flies, the Delaware Adams is a fly that is at the top of my list with a flying ant coming in close 2cd. But as Autumn approaches the flying ant becomes more of a favorite meal.

I have a lot to learn before I personally believe a flymph is better than a dry. But from what I have seen so far, I could be persuaded to believe it. I just need time and study to see for myself. Either way, it's going to be fun and I'm looking forward to it.

To be honest, I hope fishing with wets/flymphs will be more productive because I'm having a great time fishing them. But I do love seeing the take of a dry fly. Though as for now, I am really enjoying wets and regretting not fishing them earlier in my life.

Re: Fishing wets over stocked trout - wingless 2:1

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2020 10:15 am
by ronr
Well ,,they say the trout only feed on top about 10% of the it stands to reason that things below or just below the surface are going to get a lot of attention...I'm often not sure how deep my soft hackles are when they are taken, but usually nearer the surface than the bottom for sure. So I'm not sure what that says about the 10% theory. Does eating emergers count as on top?

As to a good fly to start with... I've found that Dubbn's version of the partridge and yellow has been one of the most productive flies I've fished this year. Winter, Spring, and Fall...I've fished it in sizes from 14 to 20 depending on the water and time of year, but it is a good searching pattern.

Re: Fishing wets over stocked trout - wingless 2:1

Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2020 7:29 pm
Is it possible to get a recipe & a picture of Dubbn's version of Partridge and Yellow? I love seeing, tying, fishing and hopefully catching with all the great versions that are out there!
Thanks, Dougsden