A Small Wheatley Box

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Re: A Small Wheatley Box

Post by Theroe » Sun Feb 20, 2022 8:50 pm

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Re: A Small Wheatley Box

Post by Oenophileangler » Sat Jun 29, 2024 3:56 pm

I have very kind & generous daughters. They asked me what I wanted for Father's Day.

I started out using Wheatley boxes 30 years ago, when I got them for "free" from LL Bean, using gift cards I got from my work. But I switched over to C&F boxes after about 10 years. However, in the last five years or so, I've gradually switched back over to Wheatley's. I had to refurbish the foam inserts, and I was proud of the scratches and small dents of my old boxes, which looked brand new on the inside (I never took to the clips). I had a 16 compartment box with plain foam on the lid and initially, I foolishly used the compartments to jam buggers inside. Now I put my more delicate hackled flies in the compartments.

Anyway, I tend to use a thousand words when ten will suffice... I have been very fortunate in life, and I have everything I need, as well as most everything I want. I told them that a nice Wheatley box would be nice, and this arrived today. Beautiful!

IMG_6109.jpg (528.33 KiB) Viewed 722 times

But I had no idea that Wheatley's were now made in the USA by REC. The construction looks identical to all my old ones... Interesting!

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Re: A Small Wheatley Box

Post by Partsman » Sat Jun 29, 2024 8:03 pm

Beautiful, your a blessed father!
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