English Partridge

A forum to discuss natural and dyed materials used in the tying of various soft hackle patterns for flymphs and other traditional wet fly patterns, as well as where to acquire the materials.

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Re: English Partridge

Post by joaniebo » Sat May 26, 2018 8:35 am

Other than hen skins and dry fly saddle hackles, I quit buying snipe, grouse, starling, etc. wings from Stateside suppliers. On several occasions in the past, when I purchased from Stateside suppliers, some of the under covert / underwing hackles (those with only a few hackles per wing) were missing. I figured that someone at the Stateside shop may have thought that no one would notice the missing hackles. So, quite a few years ago, I switched and buy all my spider and North Country hackles from Cookshill.
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Re: English Partridge

Post by William Anderson » Tue Jun 12, 2018 1:32 pm

This is a really nice skin and I also like most everything Steve provides. His quality control is really the best. There are a few shops in the States that carry Steve's skins as well so I look for those at shows, so I can reconfirm what I already know, that the quality his products is second to none. His service is really the only one I trust to buy game skins without looking them over in person. Never disappointed.
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Re: English Partridge

Post by joaniebo » Tue Jun 19, 2018 9:00 am

I may have stated this in another posting and, if I did, please chalk it up to an old guy's bad memory.

But, I've given up buying game bird hackles/ skins from any supplier other than from Steve Cooper at Cookshill. First of all, the selection and quality is outstanding while the service is even better than outstanding. Have ordered materials from Steve via e-malil, did a PayPal transaction, and the shipment was posted the next day (or two later) and received in a week or so.

Also, a couple times, I've ordered starling / snipe, etc. wings from a US supplier and after receiving them found the wings to be old, dry, etc, and, the worst part was that some of the under wing light colored hackles were missing.....those hackles where there were "supposed to be" only a few per wing. Seems like someone thought that those hackles would never be missed by the customer. Once bought a full red grouse skin (in a Veniards package) that was so dry and matted that I had to return it immediately.

Last year, I bought a copy of Terry Lawton's book "Marryat - Prince of Fly Fishers" (a great book by the way) and sent Steve an email asking if he had any Egyptian Goose hackles? Steve's response was something like "light or dark?" (I bought packages of both!). So, don't be afraid to ask Steve if you're looking for a special fly tying material that might not be listed on his web site. He might still have it!


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