Harry Darbee Vise

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Re: Harry Darbee Vise

Post by tjd » Tue Dec 18, 2018 2:56 am

Hi Tom,

That's a good idea for a repair. The knurled and slotted pivot pins have held up well for me. The original rivets that were supplied seemed to suffer from metal fatigue, and still needed to be replaced if you were going to use a different jaw. The washers that were supplied didn't last long, either.

My mentor used a Thompson A, and also had an F if I remember correctly.

A classic tying tool I never got he hang of using was the Thompson whip finisher...I learned from a "lefty" (even though I do many things left handed, to include fly casting and shooting long guns) I could never figure out that tool. Thankfully, along came the Matarelli whip finisher!

By the way, Tom, I'm working on two 7' rods...as always, a slow project!


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