Grouse and Grouse

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Re: Grouse and Grouse

Post by Ron Eagle Elk » Mon Dec 09, 2019 7:19 pm

Mike62 wrote:
Mon Dec 09, 2019 10:58 am
I've got 4 Grouse that have found my bird feeders this winter. It's the one bird the damn Blue Jays can't seem to bully. A hoard of 20 Turkeys showed up yesterday as well. They're back right now, scratching and looking for more sunflower seeds. I'd love to see them stay all winter but I'll go bankrupt buying seed for a bunch of flying vacuum cleaners.

The Amish up the road have been feeding them and I always think they have ulterior motives (the Amish, not the Turkeys) but so far the number of Turkeys hasn't decreased any. ...yet.

I'm kinda' hoping for a WWF style steel cage death match between all the visitors; I'll go out afterwards and clean up on feathers.
We have two groups of turkeys that visit our place. One harem of about 16 hens, and a group of five toms that visit at separate times, a couple times a day. We used to have a lot of cute little red squirrels that hit up the feeders, and a couple of grays that would tear up a bird feeder. An ermine moved into our woodpile and started killing and eating squirrels. He's even bagged a couple of mourning doves as they land. Now that all but one of the squirrels are gone, he may move on. We have a couple of grouse that sit in our miniature crab apple tree and eat the ornamental fruit.
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