Bead Thoraxed Soft Hackled Nymphs

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Re: Bead Thoraxed Soft Hackled Nymphs

Post by Theroe » Mon Jan 13, 2020 9:01 am

beads are generally not for me - 98% of flies I tie do not have one. One pattern I do use with a bead is the Gallagher - same as original dressing in Leonards book of flies. This pattern has been a staple for me since the early 1980's, sans bead! As far as catch-ability, this fly is one of my top five, go to staples. Somewhere along the line, Ivan added a gold bead.....and it worked better. When I started tying them with beads, the only type in my possession were black tungsten, which worked even better. IMHO this is because the fly swims lower in the water column, if not right on the bottom. A bronze tungsten works just as well. Both tungsten models catch better than shiny brass: drab, dull flies catch more fish for me!!
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