Tinsels and other Bling...

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Re: Tinsels and other Bling...

Post by Roadkill » Sat Dec 07, 2019 8:50 pm

Bob, I first used a Zelon collar on my Firehole Flymph and then on my IBF White Miller Soft Hackle I created during the 2014 West Yellowstone Flymph Forum Rendezvous.
viewtopic.php?f=6&t=5750&p=68309&hilit= ... kle#p68309

The idea grew out of my using a Krystal Flash collar under my hackle for Bling on my Electric Soft Hackle. A fly I created for the 2010 Northwest Fly Tyers Expo in Albany, Oregon. I believe the Krystal Flash collar idea came from tyer Bob Borden, the founder of the Hareline Dubbing company here in Oregon. 8-)
Here is my original ESH and another variation...
ImageIMGP3081 by William Lovelace, on Flickr

ImageIMGP3084 by William Lovelace, on Flickr

We need to think about what we are trying to achieve with Bling. Not all flies are tied to mimic food. Sometimes we are looking for visibility. Other times a fish responds not out of hunger but curiosity or aggression. Many Steelhead flies are tied to provoke a response in a large Rainbow trout who has little interest in feeding. Bling can be a large part of the appeal for these freshwater fish and maybe it is residual from their saltwater prey or they just want an intruder out of their way. :?:
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Re: Tinsels and other Bling...

Post by Roadkill » Mon Dec 09, 2019 11:24 am

Bling is extensively used when tying streamers and Salt Water flies but that is for another forum. ;)

IMO the category of wingless wets where you can't use too much bling is that of tying Diptera (true flies) especially Chironomids.

Here is a perfect example from my search for Silvery Chironomids Free Images...
from Chromie Bomber Chironomid Pupa-flyguys,net

Looking at his image it is easy to see why words such as Diamond, Mercury, Chrome,etc. are used in the midge fly names.

These are a few of the type of "Stick Flies" flies I learned to make at my first tying lesson in 1959. I now know them as my first chironomid patterns.
ImageIMGP9814 by William Lovelace, on Flickr
These all use Beaver dubbing with different wire colors. I also tied them in Muskrat, Mink, Sable, Seal, Rabbit and other blends for matching colors. All dubbing was made from scraps from Furriers or critters supplied by my .22 rifle.

In 1986 I bought the Flies of the Northwest book from the Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club. Note that many midges are not small flies here in the Pacific Northwest. The TDC nymph pattern listed was tied on Mustad hooks 3906B, 9671 or 9672 in sizes 6-16. Here is my latest version of a 9672 #10 TDC (Thompson's Delectable Chironomid) that has become one of my indispensable flies in my vest.
ImageIMGP9817 by William Lovelace, on Flickr

In 2001 Midge Magic by Holbrook and Kotch lead me to tie the Diamond, Rainbow and Clear Midges, etc.. All of these are found in my dedicated Midge Magic fly box. The use of embroidery thread over a tinsel underbody makes it easy to match the myriad of colors your find on your local midges. Here are some of my Diamond midges in #!8's...
ImageIMGP9813 by William Lovelace, on Flickr

If you are ever at a tying show where my friend Bob Wolfe is tying his "Trout Candy" or doing his presentation on chironomids, I heartily endorse spending some time with him.
Here are some #16 Trout Candy out of my fishing supply. (tied with Stretch Magic beading cord)...
ImageIMGP9810 by William Lovelace, on Flickr
I also tie them in 18's and 20's.

We are now tying at a period where information is at the tips of our fingers on an internet keyboard or even a voice command. Search for images and information about bugs, flies and fishing. You can find a wide variety of flies like Ice cream cones, Buzzers, glass and metal bead head dips, glass bead scuds, etc..

In short, use bling if you enjoy it but remember that presentation is most of the game. Learn all you can about where, when, and how to fish the flies and it will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

Happy Feather Bending & Tight Lines!!
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Re: Tinsels and other Bling...

Post by letumgo » Mon Dec 09, 2019 12:44 pm

IMO, your posts are very well reasoned and well supported. Nice job Bill. I am enjoying this discussion very much.

Thank you for taking the time to pull together the various photos, and going into discussion of the fly patterns.
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Re: Tinsels and other Bling...

Post by DUBBN » Mon Dec 23, 2019 11:03 pm

Dont fear the bling. If folks paid more attention to drag, depth and weight used, they would realize "bling " is almost irrelevant. Just my opinion, but I do believe it.

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