So as not to High-jack the prior post: Challenge!

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So as not to High-jack the prior post: Challenge!

Post by FliTrap » Wed Oct 05, 2016 3:13 pm

Yes! Quite a treat, i learning! I sometimes will do that to myself with tying a new pattern or series of flies, in that I take a small box of only those flies to fish, no less then a half day! You learn to fish flies top to bottom and in all means of presentation, until it catches! That could be a great Fishing Derby" idea at a gathering! Draw a number from one hat to tag your box, then each person draw a number from a second hat to see which box you fish that day!
At the end, the guy catching the most "fish points"(1-pt per fish; 1-pt per inch of the one fish they chose, but with no later culling for a bigger fish!). So the winner, he picks up all the left over flies, to take as prize! Cost you two doz. of one pattern to get in!, Half go into a regular fly swap; the other 12, in to the Derby Boxes, to start!

So.... When and were will the next "2017 Great American Spring Fly Fling and Derby", happen!!
I post the challenge!!

We have time to plan!!!!
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